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Due to a long overcast and rainy season here in the northwest, integrated with all our lovely trees, our roofings and outside residential or commercial property can take a beating in time. Roof cleansing services and care are vital. Moss, lichen, leaves, needles, and other particles not just serve to make a home look run-down, however they also trap wetness onto the shingles.

Regular roofing maintenance can delay the expense of an expensive re-shingling by years. Moss has its method with roofings in the Northwest. Depending on the situation, we use leaf-blowers, brushes, soft wash, or pressure-washers to clean most types of roofings. This is often done in combination with a cleaner and/or moss prevention treatment.

The majority of the sturdier roofing typesuch as asphalt compensation, torch down, PVC, metal, and thick cedar shakecan be walked on in the cleaning procedure (though steep pitch or bad condition might preclude our efforts). Fragile roof types like slate, particular light-weight tiles, faux-tile aluminum shingles, and thin cedar shake need to not be walked on and cleansing will require to be carried out from the roof's edge.

These apply to torch down roofing systems as well. Here they are: Air-blow loose particles from the roofing Apply moss treatment Clear out rain gutters and downspouts Tidy up debris from the ground While this choice will not eliminate old dead moss, it is the simplest on your roofing system and budget.

The roof cleaner air-blow the roofing of any loose debris and apply the treatment (generally zinc sulfate monohydrate, powdered or sprayed, depending on roofing type and weather) prior to cleaning up out the gutters and our mess from the ground. If your roofing system has extremely thin moss or is simply starting to green, this is the way to go.

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Please keep in mind again: If you want us to remove any moss, this is not the alternative for you. An annual Option A, keeps the moss away. Brush eliminate moss from the roofing Air-blow loose particles Apply moss treatment Clean out seamless gutters and downspouts Tidy up particles from the ground Roofing system cleansing by brush can be a great way to enter certain circumstances.

Though this will not leave the roofing system quite as tidy as Choice C, it is typically a really close second, requires no water, and can be less costly. Forest Hill Roof Cleaning. Related Post: Roof Moss Elimination Alternative B in progress Air-blow loose particles Tidy out rain gutters and downspouts Apply cleaning up agent Wash moss from the roof Re-clean rain gutters and downspouts Pick up debris from the ground For roofing cleaning that gets the roof looking as new as possible, a roofing system wash may be the very best way to go.

Then we spray the entire roof with an outdoor cleansing representative to loosen up the moss and wash the entire roof with a low-pressure, high-volume pressure-washer. After clearing out the gutters her latest blog and downspouts (once again), we wash any particles that may have splashed onto your siding, tidy up the ground, and deal with the roof to avoid moss from growing right back - Middle River Roof Cleaning.

Air-blow loose particles from the roofing system Clear out rain gutters and downspouts Tidy up particles from the ground Apply cleaning up representative Rinse roofing system Many roofing professionals choose the soft wash for roofing cleaning. This includes a pre-cleaning: air blowing off the loose debris, clearing out the seamless gutters, and cleaning up any view mess we've made from the ground.

g. 30-Seconds Outdoor Cleaner). While this technique will not remove the moss, it does eliminate it entirely and immediately. This technique is best utilized on roofing systems with thick shingles or really steep pitches where a zinc treatment will be less efficient. Clear out gutters and downspouts Thoroughly use the cleansing agent Soft wash cedar shake shingles Rinse roofing system and gutters and flush downspouts Clean up any mess made on siding and ground Maybe more than any other roof type, cedar should be kept tidy to secure their life expectancy.

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Department of Agriculture makes this clear: "Keep a tidy roofing. Get rid of the reasons for debris accumulation and mold and moss growth. Remove all overhanging branches and if needed, trees that trespass on the roof. If moss is growing on the roofing system or if leaves and other debris gather on the roof, they trap moisture and encourage decay, thereby reducing the life span of the roofing." We do this by first cleansing out the rain gutters and downspouts and blowing off any loose particles.

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After we have cleaned the roof and it has time to dry have a peek at this site (usually 4 days of solid dry weather), it's an excellent concept to have a painter or cedar shake remediation company apply a fungicide/preservative. This is not something we do as it is outside our scope of work, but please feel complimentary to call the workplace at 206-232-1266 for a referral if you are interested.

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According to the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, "In humid areas oiling shakes does not enable them to breathe and they can not dry out correctly which might shorten their life expectancy." Any application Air-blow loose particles from roofing Clear out rain gutters and downspouts Clean up debris from ground Soft-brush PVC with mild soap/water option Rinse roofing system and flush out seamless gutters Gently, is the only method to clean up a PVC roof.

We do not pressure wash PVC. * Nor do we use bleach or use moss treatment. An unsightly, algae-slimed PVC roof usually ends up looking new. * KEEP IN MIND: We often use pressure cleaning devices on these task, however only with a rinse suggestion that produces pressure equivalent to that of a garden pipe nozzle.

Greater volumenot pressurehelps us finish the job faster (which makes the task more cost-effective). We begin by blowing off the loose debris and clearing out the gutters. Then we apply a solution of water, detergent, tri-sodium phosphate, and hypochlorite to the metal. Then we clean the roofing by brush or pressure washer *, depending upon the level of dirt, mildew, and algae.

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